Charging units against co2 emissions

2021 is going to be a crucial year for mobility in Europe, thanks to the introduction of a new limit for CO2 emissions. The 130 g/km threshold will in fact be lowered by the European Union to 95 g/km in the year to come. 

The ultimate goal is to reach zero emission for private transportation in 2050, a goal whose consequences will influence us directly. 

Gienne Plast will be involved in the creation of charging units for electric vehicles, by producing specifically designed plastic components. Making sure that more areas have access to these charging units is a fundamental step to project Europe towards a more sustainable future. 

Transport & Environment, a Bruxelles association active in the transport sustainability field, anticipates that - based on the Eu limitations- some 3 million charging stations (which will serve 44 million electric vehicles) will be available by 2030. The infographics published by the Italian newspaper “Il sole 24 ore”, which compare the number of infrastructures available today with the projected amount we will need in the course of the next decades, are a perfect representation of how each country will have to make an effort, and so will we.