Focus on: designing molds for plastic injection

Designing molds for the manufacturing of plastic accessories is a pivotal step for a successful project. To be able to offer this service, specialized and dedicated staff is needed, as well as considerable experience and extensive material knowledge. Such elements are fundamental in order to be able to anticipate and tackle the dynamics and potential issues that may emerge in a specific manufacturing process.

Our company has a dedicated staff that manages the mold designing process (including designers, buyers, project managers) and follows the whole procedure from the initial project to the production, taking into account the final shape of the product, the types of materials, quantities and lead time.

Our technical staff makes a first analysis of the product, based on the number of pieces that need to be produced and the material. The project manager oversees each order, from the initial steps to the final testing, thus being a point of reference for the customers, while coordinating the different stages and providing information both on the design and manufacturing process.