Mould design

A unique cycle: from project to realisation

Thanks to latest-generation software and hardware equipment and avant-garde CAD 3D instruments, our technical staff is able to design moulds for products with a high technical and aesthetic quality for numerous sectors, such as electrics, electronics and mechanics.

Technology and expertise are two of the elements which characterise Gienne Plast. The technologies adopted guarantee high production capacities and cost efficiency while the expertise acquired offers a high-level service including consultancy. This explains why Gienne Plast has made increasingly significant investments in these two areas, placing itself on the market as a guaranteed reference company for anyone seeking a partner capable of following complex and particularly challenging work orders.

The whole process involved in designing moulds is carried out in-house in partnership with our suppliers as this allows us to meet all the technical, aesthetic, dimensional and expense requirements defined with the client. These include identifying the best technical and construction techniques for creating the moulds, such as, for example: the type of steel; injection, extraction and heat regulation systems; movements and moving parts; heat treatments and surface finishes.