Technology: the linchpin of our company vision.

Cutting-edge instrumentation for injection moulding processes.

Our growth has been proportional to the investments made in technology. In our vision, the modernisation of processes has always been a linchpin for optimising production times and costs and providing an efficient service. Today, not only do we have technologically avant-garde instrumentation but also a highly trained team which can better manage and control the instrumentation available.

Our headquarters has been designed to accommodate our machine pool and provide adequate space for our current production capacity. With a surface area of over 2,000 m2, most of which is dedicated to production and the warehousing of manufactured items, we are in a position to execute large orders and follow numerous production lines simultaneously.

Machinery, software and instruments

Our machine pool and technological systems for the design of moulds and the production of plastic accessories

16 macchinari di stampaggio a iniezione

Una gamma completa di macchine a iniezione per ogni esigenza di stampaggio

Due impianti per le guarnizioni

Impianti per la lavorazione di superfici comprese in un'area di 1000x2000x300 mm

Attrezzature software, hardware e strumenti CAD 3D

Sistemi per progettazione di stampi e prodotti di elevata qualità tecnica ed estetica