Automated processes
and accurate time management

Maximum planning and specific consultancy on materials and production techniques

Our work flow has been optimised over the years. We proceed step by step, starting with an analysis of the product's characteristics, the size of the order and production rates.

The second stage on the other hand involves programming the machinery which is set up to meet the qualitative parameters and delivery times agreed upon with the client and reducing the margin of error to zero.
The end stage of the processing cycle is completed with finishes and testing of the product which is analysed and checked in every single detail before it is approved.

The work process is based on the absolute reduction of downtime and a degree of utmost precision because the work stages are mainly performed in a computerised and automated way.

We are able to make moulds on the request of clients and take care of the stage for colouring the material.

Our processing procedureNew product


We evaluate and assess the client's orders and support him in the development of products and accompany him throughout the production process.


We provide ad hoc technical and aesthetic solutions for the development of products, starting from the definition of their aspect (shape, details, surface finish, colours) and taking into consideration all the design and technique variables including environmental, ergonomic and stress criteria.


The engineering stage allows us to transform a product design into a 3D project needed to then make the moulds. Project specifications are defined along with the technical and functional aspects of the product and finally the moulds are made.


Once the client has approved the prototype, our team analyses the project in order to proceed quickly with manufacturing the actual end product.

Our processing procedureConsolidated product


We take on the client's request, analysing the details of the product and evaluating methods, times and costs for its realisation.


The product responds to a well-defined project, where continuity is ensured, and Gienne Plast enters the field to offer consultancy on the development of the design and propose any improvements.


The product has already been engineered, Gienne Plast technicians check the adequacy of the existing moulds before proceeding with production.


Once the technical characteristics have been defined and any improvements have been tested, the production process is ready to commence and be completed within short times, guaranteeing high quality standards.